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It is defined as the percentage change in sales divided by the corresponding percentage change in income. If the quantity demanded changes a lot when prices change a little, a product is said to be elastic. For example, if the price of Cola A doubles, the quantity demanded for Cola A will fall when consumers switch to less-expensive Cola B. Nature of the Commodity-The price elasticity of demand depends on the nature of a commodity. The goods and services can be broadly divided into three categories- Necessities, Luxuries and Jointly-demanded goods.

As the price of fuel will increase and falls with the international market, the demand rises and falls in close to direct correlation. The price of a good falls in relation to its substitute. Consumers can easily switch from one good to another even if there is only a small change in price and so its demand will increase. Hence the price elasticity of demand for commodities having close substitutes is relatively high. Income levels have a considerable effect on the elasticity of demand. The Elasticity of Demand for a commodity is generally very low for higher income level groups.

What are the factors affecting price elasticity of demand?

The change in prices does not bother people from such groups. In mainstream Indian culture, coarse grains are considered the poor man’s food. When people move out of poverty, they prefer to eat rice and wheat, rather than assorted millets. People substitute superior goods for inferior ones when their incomes go up.

  • Chocolates have a spike in demand when income goes up, as with any normal good.
  • It can also be said that the quantity demanded for inelastic goods remains almost static or has no effect of change in any economic factor.
  • Let us now sum up the blog by looking at the key takeaways.
  • By value, the FMCG industry grew at 8.9% sequentially in comparison to 10.9% in the previous quarter, largely because manufacturers raised prices.

Nutshell, it shows the rate at which changes in demand take place. Law of demand explains the directions of changes in demand. As the worth of gasoline will increase, the quantity demanded doesn’t lower all that much. This is because there are only a few good substitutes for gasoline and consumers are nonetheless keen to purchase it even at relatively high costs. Price elasticity of demand measures the change within the amount demanded relative to a change in worth for an excellent or service. Elasticity measures the degree to which the quantity demanded responds to a change in value.

Manufactures or providers of inelastic goods and services can generate good revenue. For businesses, revenue generated from inelastic goods can go both ways. This means that it can prove profitable as well as marginal. Different concepts in economics explain all these backstage happenings of a market.

Factors Affecting the Price Elasticity of Demand

There are five types of price elasticity of demand. Such as perfectly elastic demand, perfectly inelastic demand, relatively elastic demand, relatively inelastic demand and unitary elastic demand. For example, they could buy a cookie that still costs $2.00 as a inexpensive, but acceptable various. As the worth will increase, the share change in price is more than the amount demanded. Therefore, the demand for milk is inelastic as a result of it’s a comfort good that customers buy every single day, whatever the change in value. Demand for a good is comparatively inelastic when the share change in price is greater than thequantity demanded.

So this would possibly look something like that, so I’ll write that as excessive, high elasticity elasticity. And low elasticity can be that your proportion in amount doesn’t change much relying on your p.c change in price. So for example, for instance there’s some drugs, for example you are a diabetic and you want insulin, if you do not get insulin, actually unhealthy issues are going to occur.

It requires proper market research before deciding on the manufacturing of a new product. In the normal course, when the price of something goes up, you tend to consume less of it. Nationalization- Elasticity of demand helps the government to decide about nationalization of industries. Nationalization – Elasticity of demand helps the government to decide about nationalization of industries. The General Aptitude part of Eduncle study materials were very good and helpful. Chapters of the Earth Science were also very satisfactory.


Nature of commodity – Demand for necessary goods (salt, rice, etc.,) is inelastic. Demand for comfort and luxury good are elastic. Purchase frequency of a product/time – if the frequency of purchase of a product is very high, the demand is likely to be more price elastic. Nature of commodity- Demand for necessary goods is inelastic. The unit wise questions and test series were helpful. When I could not understand a topic, the faculty support too was good.

Most goods, whose consumption goes up when the buyer’s income goes up and consumption goes down when income falls are, thus, classified as normal goods. But there are some goods, whose consumption you cut down when your income goes up, enabling you to afford superior alternatives. Income elasticity less than unityThe income elasticity of demand measures the responsiveness of sales to changes in income.

Elasticity of Supply of Different Products

Explain any two factors that affect the price elasticity of demand. A necessity good like vegetables, food grains, medicines and drugs, has an inelastic demand. Such goods are required for human survival so their demand does not fluctuate much against a change in their price. The demand and supply of a product are affected by several other factors like price. The quantity demanded of a product changes when there is either a surge or a decline in its price. This sensitiveness of demand against a change in price is explained by the Price Elasticity of Demand.

More Demand analysis Questions

The other exception to the rule of people consuming less of something when its price goes up is in the case of luxury goods. This normally happens at an income level altogether different from the one at which people consume Giffen goods. A luxury good can fall within the consumption range of someone only when their income goes up. That way, with a positive income elasticity of demand, a luxury good is a normal good. But when its price goes up, owning it invests the owner with ever more prestige or delight, inducing greater, rather than lower consumption. The American author of ‘The Theory of the Leisure Class’, Thorstein Veblen, spotted and described this trend first.

But that low base and growth of distribution apart, there is another factor driving chocolate consumption. It is both a comfort food as well as elasticity of demand for comfort goods are something to celebrate with. If things are bad, and you are not too poor to afford chocolates, you might find relief in munching the chocolate.

Hence, advertisement elasticity helps to decide optimum advertisement and promotional outlay. Income level- income level also influences the elasticity. Rich man will not curtail the consumption quantity of fruit, milk etc, even if their price rises, but a poor man will not follow it. Cross elasticity of demand measures the responsiveness of demand for one good to a change in the price of the other good. Revenue is maximized when the elasticity is the same as one. Because the milk is a convenience good, an increase within the value of milk will cause a decrease change in the quantity demanded.

The given time period can be as shorts as a day and as long as several years. Whereas the Price Elasticity of Demand of a commodity is very high for people belonging to low-income level groups. Poor people are highly affected by the change in the prices of commodities. The price level of goods plays a major role in determining the price elasticity of demand. Goods that fall in a higher price segment are more likely to have high elasticity. A change in price does not always result in the same proportion of change in quantity demanded of a commodity.

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